AM2R 1.1 was released

The low % speed runs of this game are crazy

Another Metroid 2 Remake has been updated. Apparently the “go invisible when you get the gravity suit” bug some people were getting has been fixed. The update nerfed the omega metroids a bit to do less damage and have a bit less health. Some people don’t like the difficulty being reduced any, others were tired of being repeatedly punched in the face by omegas. Personally, I’m starting to get good at nailing the weak spot on the back of the omegas (it does double damage) with super missiles. Correction: In version 1.0 it did double damage. In version 1.1 it does triple damage. When I’m in the zone and hitting my shots, it makes the omegas a very short encounter. My favorite thing about version 1.1 is that it added a warp pipe from just before the final boss encounter to an earlier area. This way if you get to the end and you decide you want to go for 100% item collection you don’t have to run all the way back to earlier areas. The first time I beat the game (with 95% item completion) I considered going back for the last 5% but the long trek back dissuaded me.

Speaking of playing the game, when version 1.1 came out I replayed it on Linux (specifically Ubuntu Mate) with WINE. To my knowledge there still isn’t an official Linux version, so for anyone wondering, in my experience, the windows version works extremely well through WINE. I’ve also read there is an unofficial OSX version out there that works. Even more interesting is that since AM2R is made using GameMaker, and GameMaker is setup to work on Android fairly easily, someone has gotten AM2R working on their Android phone. I can’t imagine the frustration using touch screen controls on a precision platformer like AM2R would create, but it’s now possible.

At the time of this writing, version 1.1 hasn’t been hit with a DMCA. Instead of posting download links on the website, it has a link to a separate website that has the download links. So if for some reason you haven’t yet tried Another Metroid 2 Remake, now is a great time to download it.