DoctorM64 does what Nintendon't

An instant classic

I’ve held off mentioning the release of Another Metroid 2 Remake until after I beat the game. The short summary? The game is so good! A game that needs to be savored. The great atmospheric music, detailed environments, and loads of secrets make this game a clear labor of love that was worth the years of waiting. It didn’t have to have all the neat little nods such as the Metroid Fusion intro area or the Aliens Xenomorph reference, but the game does and is all the better for it.

I tried going for 100% item collection, but beat the game at 95%. On top of standard Metroid movies like wall climbing (significantly easier than in Super Metroid) and shine sparks the game has added new moves for players to discover such as morph ball bomb patterns. That’s the reason for the 95%, I haven’t figured out/discovered some of the new moves to get a few of the items. It even has Metroid Prime style scanning where optional information is made available to help flesh out the world. AM2R is an enormous improvement on the old GameBoy classic “Metroid 2” in every possible way. It completely replaces Metroid 2 in the same way that Zero Mission replaces Metroid 1. This game is significantly better than anything Nintendo is capable of creating post-Retro Studios. Here’s the section for anyone wanting to see the game play in action.

The creator of AM2R, DoctorM64 timed the release of the game to the 30th anniversary of the Metroid series. You couldn’t possibly ask for a better celebration of the long standing series. What did Nintendo do? Not a damn thing. Well, that’s not true, they immediately set their legal attack dogs to try and put a stop to AM2R. The post on the website announcing the release and download links was pulled. Thanks to the Internet Archive, the release post with download links can still be seen. At the time of me writing this the Mirror1 download link still works. The torrent link is another good option, it is heavily seeded (it is nice to see strong community support.)

Okay, so the game has fantastic visuals, great music, and perfect game play/controls, what’s the negatives of the game? Bugs. There are two bugs that seem to be affecting some of the playing population. The first is a glitch where Samus turns invisible once you get the gravity suit. I’ve heard this is affecting some people that have certain AMD graphics cards. The second bug is that sometimes it is possible to fall out of the map (and keep falling and falling and falling…) This is the bug I’ve been hit by. I was first hit by it around 25% into the game. I had just saved so it wasn’t an issue to me, more of a surprise than anything. The area just after the final boss is an area where the game can bug out and Samus might fall through the ground. Not going to lie, getting hit with this bug at the end did damper my enthusiasm for the game a bit. I had just defeated the final boss on the first try in a highly memorable encounter and was running to the very end of the game aaaaaannnnnnndddd then fell through the floor. Not cool. The general advice is after the final boss you pretend you are in a classic mega man game and always jump in the air when you reach a screen transition to protect yourself from the fall through the map bug.

Classic Mega Man screen transition jumping

Classic Mega Man fun

Just to be clear, after the final boss always be in the air when making a screen transition from area to area. You can’t be hit with a fall through the floor bug when you aren’t even on the ground.

I played on normal difficulty and was starting to worry the game was too easy until I started encountering Zeta Metroids. When the Omega Metroids showed up and started punching me repeatedly in the face I knew AM2R had nailed the Metroid 2 difficulty. I think what was done for the Metroid Queen encounter was masterful. I’m glad the developer resisted the temptation to make the Metroid Queen an ultra difficult boss. He was able to add to the encounter, work within the enclosed space, and still make an incredibly memorable experience.

Metroid 2 Queen

Metroid 2 Queen

Another Metroid 2 Remake Queen

Another Metroid 2 Remake Queen