Halloween is the most fun holiday to decorate

Based off of dog walks over the years I have to conclude that Halloween is the most popular holiday to decorate for. This probably has something to do with Halloween being one of the easiest - if not THE easiest - to decorate. At minimum, you just buy a pumpkin. One level above that is a pumpkin that has been drawn on. I’ve seen a few pumpkins in the neighborhood with intricate markers on them, but the ones with crayon drawings have a certain charm to them. And of course there are the jack-o-lanterns.

I always enjoyed scooping out the pumpkin insides. It is downright crazy how some people manage to create such intricate pumpkin designs. Every year I would try to make something fancy, fail miserably, and then go back to a simple triangle eyes/crooked mouth design. The failed design would be the “back” of the pumpkin that faced the wall. Back then it was lit with a candle and would have to be put out later due to fire hazards. Of course in 2016 pumpkins have gone hi-tech with battery operated LED lights. Safer than fire, less risky around smaller children, the LEDs even come in several colors. The only downside I see is the lights lack the flicker a candle gives off. That flicker gives jack-o-lanterns an attention grabbing ambience.

Now compare standard Halloween decoration fare to that found for Christmas - trees and lights. Christmas trees are an inside house thing, often highly decorated with ornaments, but impractical for the outside. That just leaves Christmas lights for the outside. No one likes Christmas lights. No one. Christmas lights posses an ability to become tangled just by touching them that defies comprehension. When one bulb goes out they all go out. And then there’s the joy of climbing up a ladder to hang them.

All in all, Halloween has the more creative and fun decoration traditions.