Mick Gordon

I have Doom 2016 to thank for coming across the work of Mick Gordon. The game itself seems to have been a success. Every where I looked I saw people praise the single player part of the game. As for the multiplayer, the response seems to be, “meh.” Someday with a newer computer I’d like to give it a shot.

Doom 2016’s soundtrack is certainly a worthy update to the “Nu Rock” of 1990’s Doom.

As much as I think Doom 2016’s soundtrack is perfect for what Doom is, I find it a bit much to sit through all the soundtrack in one session. It turns out there really is such a thing as ‘too much metal.’ I don’t have that issue when listening to Mick Gordon’s work on Killer Instinct.

This last piece is my favorite Mick Gordon song I’ve come across.