Raspberry Pi and Kodi Update

With the announcement and release of the new Raspberry Pi 3 today it seems a good time to review my Raspberry Pi 2 experiences. I’ve been using my Pi 2 with Kodi instead of the earlier Pi 1 and it has made a significant difference. Most of the problems I wrote about last year are gone due to the performance improvements. Using a mouse for the menu options while playing a video is smoother (not perfect but almost there.) Best of all, with the Pi 2’s improved performance the android app Kore works fantastically well as a remote control. I’ve made heavy use of Kore switching between different Super Mario Maker streams on Twitch while on the treadmill.

As for the Pi 3, it was released much like the Pi 2, with little to no advanced warning. The makers seem determined to avoid any possible Osborne Effect issues. Sure, greater cpu performance is always nice, but if performance was a major factor for someone then the entire product category of low power ARM devices like Pi’s aren’t for them. Same ram as Pi 2 (seems to be a hardware limitation.) Yes the cpu is 64 bit, but unless the operating system is also 64 bit there won’t be any performance improvements from that. Raspbian (the most used Pi operating system) is 32 bit. The main selling point of the Pi 3 seems to be the built in bluetooth and wifi capabilities. I’m sure the bluetooth will be convenient¬†for wireless keyboards/mice/remotes. ¬†All in all a nice little incremental improvement over previous Pi’s and since it costs the same as the Pi 1 B+ & Pi 2 there is no reason not to get a Pi 3 if you are looking to get a Raspberry Pi. Assuming you can find one in stock.