Recore Soundtrack

My latest discovery is the soaring soundtrack for the recently released game named Recore. This came to my attention due to marketing promoting it as “from the people who worked on the Metroid Prime series.” I knew a large number of the developers that worked on the Prime series left to start their own studio and I hadn’t heard anything else about it for years. From what I can tell, Recore is the company’s first big game (entirely theirs and not licensed out.)

I would prefer to link to a more official youtube location, but I cannot find a company channel or a composer (Chad Seiter) channel. Seems like a glaring omission for a game released these days - especially for a soundtrack as nice as this one.

Is the game any good? No idea. I’ve never had a Microsoft console and my computer is too old to run it. Reviews seem to suggest it starts out strong then suffers from bad pacing issues and bad Mario 64 star collect-a-thon gating problems.