KDE Connect

The easiest way to connect android devices to Linux

One of the gems of the Linux ecosystem that can never get enough attention is KDE Connect.

My favorite feature of KDE Connect is having text messages (SMS) pop up on my computer. I make heavy use of 2 factor authentication whenever I can (banking, email, domain names) for better security and it is very convenient to have the login password appear for copying & pasting.

KDE Connect

You’ll need to install the KDE Connect app on your android device. It is a free app that can be downloaded from F-Droid or the Google Play Store.

On the Linux side of things it is a bit less clear. If you are using the KDE Plasma desktop you probably already have everything you need installed. If you are using something else, you’ll need to use your specific Linux distro’s package manager to install KDE Connect. For those looking for something more closely integrated into Gnome 3 there’s also GSConnect. I have no experience with it, but Canonical seems interested in integrating GSConnect into future versions of Ubuntu.