Bear McCreary

Godzilla and Child's Play

I’ve been a fan of Bear McCreary’s music ever since I first heard it on Battlestar Galactica. With his talent it is no surprise people keep turning to him to compose music. Two recent reboots/remakes/re-whatevers are the new Godzilla movie and Child’s Play.

I have no interest in horror movies so a remake of a movie about a killer doll gets an indifferent shrug from me. Still, McCreary clearly enjoys putting a sinister spin on the Child’s Play theme. The original theme seems to be going for a creepier vibe.

Child’s Play Official Music Video

As for the new Godzilla movie it just screamed “catch it on Netflix someday.” Apparently I wasn’t the only one because the movie wasn’t the giant blockbuster the movie studio was clearly hoping for. Not that it was a failure, but it seems lately only movies owned by Disney make the mega bucks. If nothing else, the movie gave McCreary the opportunity make a “punchier” version of the Blue Oyester Cult song.

Godzilla Music