Easy QR Code Generation

Fun with Inkscape

QR Code

Recently I’ve been reinvestigating Scalable Vector Graphics. Svgs are a type of image that can increase or decrease in size without losing quality. Svgs are never the right answer for photographs, but for a wide variety of images like icons, charts, or simple pictures they are the perfect solution for a world with so many different screen sizes.


I’m not hard core enough to create svgs manually, so I’ve been using Inkscape. One neat feature of Inkscape is its abilty to easily create barcodes and QR codes. While I don’t see any benefit of making barcodes (limited to just numbers) I have seen QR codes used in a variety of ways from advertising, business cards, to even pointing to a specific website location for further product instruction. Until today I didn’t know what QR code stood for and I definitely wouldn’t have guessed “Quick Response code.” The square image above is a QR code and if you scan it (such as with an app and a smart phone camera) it will point to this website location.

In order to make a QR code in Inkscape:

  1. open Inkscape and go to the Extensions menu bar
  2. in the Extensions menu find the option that says “Render”
  3. in the Render sub menu find the option that says “Barcode”
  4. select “Classic” for a standard barcode or choose to make a QR Code

If you are making a QR code it is the “Text:” box where you input what you want the QR code to say. If for some reason you run into an issue using your new svg QR code (perhaps your software for printing business cards doesn’t support it) then it’s worth mentioning Inkscape has the ability to export your svgs to png files.