The Mandalorian

The best Star Wars since 1983

The most impressive thing about this show is that they somehow managed to keep the baby Yoda a secret. I don’t mean preventing script leaks or phone pics from someone working on the show. I mean, how did they prevent top Disney executives from demanding tons of baby Yoda merchandise before the show even aired. This is Disney we are talking about, the merchandising juggernaut. It is crazy to think millions of dollars were left on the table because there wasn’t baby Yoda stuff in time for Christmas. Either top Disney suits are showing incredible restraint and faith in this show as one of the premiere Disney+ shows or the people behind the show were careful not to tip their hand.

Getting away from the Star Wars movie characters and settings was a wise decision. There’s something about cowboy/western elements in a science fiction/fantasy setting that works well. I certainly won’t claim the Mandalorian is a cinematic masterpiece. The shorted episode time leaves the tropes it heavily leans on even more threadbare than usual. Oh look, already an episode about the main character helping plucky downtrodden villagers defend their home. Oh look, the inevitable heist episode complete with crosses and double crosses. And yet, more care, effort, and craft went into these 8 episodes than went into the Disney era Star Wars trilogy.